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026 Extrudia Concrete.jpg


This small-scale 3DCP system offers you the flexibility to execute projects both indoor and outdoor. 

Used to print the first house in Eastern Europe - ProtoDom in just 21 hours and 15 minutes.

Printing anything from a garden chair up to wall-panels.

Ideal for Small Businesses and Research Institutions.


DLL2.0 sets new standards with its size, speed and design. Developed both as an indoor manufacturing unite and an outdoor construction system.

A Print Bed of 60m2 allows you to print anything you desire.

Ideal for large-scale projects. 

DLL 2.0 _Extended_Transparent.png


Developed for urban and small scale projects, the D2 system is nonetheless a first step into cyber-physical system construction environments.

With a printing radius of 6m2 it is ideal for both small-scale and large-scale projects.


With this model we implemented two ideas: mobility and adaptability offering you a new way of printing.

Extendable arms, stabilisers and other features for a  smooth and professional 3D Construction Printing Job.

Perfect solution for your next urban and rural project.

NEco Mix (3).png


Driven by precision and reliability, we developed this mixing batch system with the goal to offer a system that you can count on - every single time.

Up to 12mm particles/aggregates
Mobile, precise & easy to use


G1 or GOLIATH is a concept design for a fully automated self-assembly system able to print linear settlements.

Designed to be transported directly on location, it's perfect for huge-scale social housing projects.

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